11 Fashion Blog Themes to Transform Your Website Into a Runway

If you want to be taken seriously in the world of fashion, you need to show you’re invested in your passion. A strong social media presence is a solid start, but it’s not enough. A dedicated website will help you highlight your refined taste and industry knowledge.

The perfect fashion blog theme can help. Depending on which one you choose, it may also be easier to launch an online store alongside your posts to sell quality pieces that reflect your eye for style.

In this article, we’ll discuss what features your site needs to succeed and introduce you to 11 of our favorite fashion blog themes for WordPress. Let’s hit the runway!

An Introduction to Key Features for Fashion Blog Themes

Fashion blogs need to pop to capture readers’ attention. If visitors aren’t enchanted from the moment they lay eyes on your site, then you may not be using the right theme. However, looks aren’t everything. 

The best fashion blog themes combine effortless style with advanced features, such as:

  • Multiple image gallery options so you can show off clothes and accessories in their best light
  • E-commerce integration in case you want to sell items through your website
  • Social media integration so you can lead traffic to your Instagram and Pinterest profiles

The features you need may vary slightly depending on your blog’s goals. However, it’s usually wise to opt for a theme that includes more functionality than you need at the moment, in case you want to expand down the line.

11 Fashion Blog Themes to Transform Your Website Into a Runway

Choosing the perfect theme is never easy. With that in mind, we’re going to break down our top picks for fashion blogs and talk about what makes each of them unique. While we’re at it, we’ll also discuss costs so that you can confer with your budget about your decision.

Cressida Pro is both effortlessly stylish and highly functional. It uses a pastel color palette that’s perfect for high-fashion blogs and includes many features to help you engage your audience. Some of them include Shop the latest style sections, easy-to-integrate social media icons, sharing buttons, and more.

If you’re looking for a theme that enables you to integrate your Instagram feed seamlessly, Cressida Pro is an excellent option. At first glance, visitors might not even realize they’re looking at pictures from your feed, which you can add anywhere on your website using a widget that’s ready to go out of the box.

Price: One-time setup fee of $39 for a single website, with one month of free support available.

At first glance, Juliet Pro looks like a standard blog theme. It features a modern design, multiple layout options for your posts, and plenty of social media integration options, including icons and sharing buttons.

However, where Juliet Pro really shines as a fashion blog theme is when it comes to e-commerce integration. It enables you to showcase any pieces you have for sale right alongside your posts, which is a fantastic way to monetize your site.

Beyond that, Juliet Pro’s clean and minimalist design means that it works with all kinds of fashion styles. Whether you’re into avant-garde runway looks or high-end streetwear, this theme can adapt to meet your needs.

Price: One-time setup fee of $39 for a single website, with one month of free support available.

Divi is a multi-purpose theme that works for most types of websites. It comes with its page-builder plugin that enables you to play with dozens of pre-built modules to create unique layouts. You can make changes using a front-end builder, which provides an exceptional smooth editing process.

Beyond its exciting page-builder functionality, Divi also includes a massive range of layout packs you can use to kickstart your fashion blog’s design. In fact, there’s a Fashion Layout Pack as well as a Personal Stylist Layout Pack (pictured above).

Although Divi has a lot to offer, it does have a bit of a learning curve. If you’re not scared by the idea of figuring out how to use a custom page builder for your fashion blog, then give it a go.

Price: A one-year license for Divi costs $89 and includes several other products from its developers.

Soledad is another example of a multi-purpose theme that hits the mark when it comes to fashion blogs. It provides several fashion-related demos that include a lot of stylish elements, including fantastic author boxes, social sharing icons, and easy navigation options to keep readers browsing from post to post.

As far as customization goes, Soledad integrates out of the box with the Elementor page builder plugin. This means you can easily tweak any of its pre-built elements and adapt it to your unique style in a matter of minutes.

Price: A one-year license for Soledad costs $59.

If you run a fashion blog that’s on the cutting edge, it needs a design to reflect that. TheGem is about as fashion-forward as a WordPress theme can get, which is evident at a single glance.

What sets TheGem apart is its design choices. It includes unique styles for almost every element a fashion blog should consist of, from featured images to quotes. It also enables you to create gorgeous masonry tile image galleries, which are the perfect way to display your latest modern outfit combinations.

Price: A one-year license for The Gem costs $59.

Most fashion blogs include high volumes of content and features that span a wide range. You have a lot of new posts, products on sale, integrated social media feeds and icons, plenty of images, and more. When you combine all those elements, the result is often hard to navigate.

Noemi takes a different approach. This lifestyle and fashion theme features multiple blog layouts, but all of them give your posts enough space to shine. If you’re not planning on updating your blog every day, Noemi is an excellent option.

Price: A one-year license for Noemi costs $49.

Rosemary is a bright and airy theme that’s perfect if you want to showcase feminine styles on your fashion blog. It comes with all the features a budding site needs, including author boxes, social media sharing icons, multiple post layouts, and more.

Those are just the basics, however. The reason why Rosemary is an excellent option for fashion bloggers is its built-in Instagram feed integration. It also includes social media widgets for Facebook and works out of the box with the WordPress Block Editor, which makes it easy to publish new content.

Price: A one-year license for Rosemary costs $39.

Not every fashion blog needs to cover every little trend or become an online store. Malina understands that, which is what makes it an excellent pick for small, personal fashion blogs with big dreams.

With Malina, you get a clean, modern design that’s perfect for fashion and travel blogs. It seamlessly integrates with your Instagram profile, enables you to display unobtrusive ads, and offers stylish author and location boxes so that you can connect with your audience more effectively.

Price: A one-year license for Malina costs $19.

CheerUp strikes a fine balance between travel and fashion blog themes. If you’re one of the lucky few who gets to combine these subjects, then you need a website that enables you to showcase both aspects of your life in all their glory.

With CheerUp, you can access a broad range of customization options and choose from over 13 ready-to-go page demos for all kinds of blogs. It enables you to combine elements from any of those layouts to help you build the site of your dreams.

On paper, this sounds like a recipe for a disjointed layout. However, CheerUp manages to pull it off thanks to modern page designs across the board.

Price: A one-year license for CheerUp costs $69.

Despite the fact that it’s designed for food bloggers, Elara Pro ticks all the boxes for a fashion blog theme. It’s stylish, packed with functionality, and even includes features to help you display affiliate products to monetize your blog.

As far as style goes, Elara Pro keeps it simple by focusing on your blog’s images. It enables you to display your Instagram feed anywhere on your website as well as embed videos.

Thanks to that last feature, visitors can watch your video content using simple pop-up windows. This makes Elara Pro a fantastic option if you also have a presence on YouTube.

Price: One-time setup fee of $39 for a single website, with one month of free support available.

Hawthorn doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to fashion blog design. However, it offers a fantastic take on the hero sliders that are so common in websites nowadays. With this theme, you can feature some of your blog’s most daring fashion insights front and center to capture visitors’ attention right away.

Plus, Hawthorn includes all the features you’ve come to expect from fashion blog themes, including Instagram feed integration, social media sharing buttons, and author boxes. It also includes several widgets for Facebook integration, so you have a lot of options to play with as far as social media is concerned.

Price: A one-year license for Hawthorn costs $39.


If you’re a fashion blogger, you probably have an eye for style. However, picking the right theme for your site requires you to look beyond appearance and pay attention to key features, too. With the correct functionality – such as proper social media integration – growing your readership should become much easier.

You have many amazing and stylish options to pick from among the themes we’ve covered. However, if you’re looking for a quick recommendation, you can’t go wrong with Cressida Pro. Its design exudes luxury, and it’s excellent for integrating social media and e-commerce functionality.

Do you have any questions about how to choose a theme for your fashion blog? Let’s go over them in the comments section below!

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