10 Stylish WordPress Themes for Interior Designers

If you’re a designer, you probably know a thing or two about style. So when it comes to building a website, you’ll likely have some pretty high standards.

While designing a site is quite different from decorating a home, there are some similarities. For example, they’re both much easier processes when you start with the right tools. In web design, this means selecting the best theme for your needs.

The ideal WordPress theme will give you lots of space for photography, in order to show off your latest projects. You may even want to include a way for potential clients to contact you for a consultation. Of course, your site should also communicate a sense of your personal branding, which means you’ll need lots of customization options.

In this article, we’ll explore ten themes that will help you style a website that gets your name out there and brings in more work. Let’s get started!

Divi is an incredibly versatile theme that has a reputation for being easy to build with. Using its interior design layout pack will help you get a visually-powerful website ready quickly.

Once you have the layout pack loaded, you can use the included Divi Builder to add and customize your own content. This drag-and-drop builder is very intuitive to work with, even for web design beginners.

What’s more, Divi’s layout pack includes plenty of photos that you can use in your design. You’ll also find custom graphics that should add a bit of polish to your website.

Price: A one-year license for Divi costs $89, or you can purchase lifetime access for $249.

Archi is a professional-looking theme that you can customize to your liking. It ships with a wide selection of demos in both dark and light color schemes.

Building a website with Archi can be exceedingly simple, thanks to its one-click demo import. Once you have your favorite demo picked out, there’s a lot you can do to customize it, including placing the navigation bar at the bottom or side of the screen.

Archi also comes with Slider Revolution 6, which you can use to add more images without your site feeling cluttered. You can even include a parallax or video background for a bit of added visual interest.

Price: A license for Archi starts at $59.

Next up, Architecturer is a light and fast theme that still provides a lot of personality. If you’re looking for unique layouts, you might be pleased with this option.

There are plenty of creative ways you might make use of Architecturer’s timeline element. Using it to display your past projects gives visitors an overview of your career. You could also include any awards you’ve won for your best work.

If you’re a fan of sliders in particular, your theme search may be over. Architecturer offers 19 different layouts that incorporate sliders. These range from understated animations to more eye-catching varieties. With so many choices on offer, you’re likely to find one that complements your branding.

Price: A license for Architecturer starts at $59.

If your aim is to build an online portfolio of your past work, Ambient offers some fun possibilities. You’ll find solutions for showcasing a wide variety of projects and deep-diving into a favorite one.

Ambient’s single-project layout is perfect for providing detailed information on your designs. The format gives you plenty of freedom over how you’d like images presented. You have the choice of a gallery, a masonry layout, or even a slider.

In addition to your photography, you might want to provide some details about each project. Future customers will likely be interested to know the completion years and locations of your past work. Don’t forget to include any fun anecdotes you may have as well. This theme’s integrated social sharing feature makes it easy for your fans to post their favorites to their own networks.

Price: A license for Ambient starts at $69.

Interior Design has a clean, minimalist appearance. However, with multiple layout options, animations, and nearly 100 shortcodes on offer, there’s plenty of functionality in this deceptively simple box.

First up, the personal profile layout is ideal for introducing yourself to future clients. If you work with a team, you can include them as well, using either a horizontal or a vertical layout.

There are also a number of blog structures you might use to make even more of a personal connection with your visitors. For example, you could provide updates on larger renovation projects you’re excited to be working on. It’s also easy to share proven tips and tricks with your audience.

Price: A license for Interior Design starts at $59.

Entré is an excellent choice if you plan to use your website to find new clients. It’s a beautiful theme that includes many useful features, making it both elegant and practical.

One challenge when creating a website for your interior design services is not having the space to include a picture for everything. In that scenario, image tool tips are an efficient way to illustrate your offerings. They can also be incredibly helpful for explaining design terms that your customers may not be familiar with.

Entré includes several other elements you may want to add to your site. Like the rest of the theme, Entré’s pricing tables are clean and elegant. The counters can display statistics about your current projects, or even your career experience. Then, you can tailor each of these elements to your brand with a custom Google Font.

Price: A license for Entré starts at $75.


If getting your site built quickly and easily is a priority, you’ll find a lot to like about H&D. This theme comes with tools you can use to create a sophisticated website quickly, which still looks like you spent a lot of time on it.

With H&D you can get your site up fast without sacrificing quality, as it ships with a variety of demos. For example, you can try the H&D parallax demo if you want a trendy yet functional site. If you’re more focused on selling some of your original furniture, the Store option may have just what you need.

Even if you use one of H&D’s templates as the bones of your site, you’ll still find a lot of flexibility on offer. The theme ships with over 200 discrete section and page templates that you can use to fine-tune your website’s look and functionality.

Price: A license for H&D starts at $59.

The next theme we’ll look at is Prague. If you’re on a budget, this pick can provide you with plenty of customization options for a lower price than some of the other themes we’ve featured.

If you’re looking for a portfolio layout as unique as your work, Prague has a few choices that you may be interested in. The full-screen layout could be useful if you have a large portfolio, while the film strip option dedicates the majority of the space to images of your work.

Prague also comes with plenty of inner pages. These include two attractive contact page options. If you plan to do some blogging, this theme also comes ready for you to start writing. You can display your posts in a list with large images, or in a more traditional tiled format.

Price: A license for Prague starts at $39.

KitGreen is a modern theme with a ton of style. For that reason, it may be especially well-suited to designers who specialize in kitchens.

Whatever your niche may be, a before-and-after gallery can be an impactful way to show off your design skills. Whether you do full-scale renovations on historic homes or refinish furniture, this tool will help to highlight the dramatic transformations.

This theme also provides your site’s visitors with a couple of ways to set up appointments. You can use a booking form to get all the information you want from potential clients, and even enable them to upload images. If you prefer, you can take appointments via a pop-up form that you can place on any page.

Price: A license for KitGreen starts at $59.

Last but not least, Addison is another portfolio-oriented theme. It enables you to create stunning galleries, with no coding skills required.

You can set up filters on your portfolio galleries, so users can find exactly what they’re looking for. On the project pages, you can add audio or video files to go along with your photography. You can even place images in a carousel gallery if you don’t like the look of tiled layouts.

What’s more, the included Bold Page Builder tool enables you to drag and drop your website’s elements as you’re designing them. There is also plenty of online documentation available if you have any questions about how to customize your site.

Price: A license for Addison starts at $69.


When you’re a design expert, potential customers will expect your website to reflect that fact. However, that can be tricky to accomplish if you’ve never built a site before. Fortunately, selecting a stylish WordPress theme can help you build a professional, beautiful website quickly.

If you want to get your website published and looking good without investing too much time and energy, we’d recommend H&D. Alternatively, if you want to get a little more hands-on with the customization process, you’ll likely enjoy Interior Design.

Which of the themes we’ve looked at today is your favorite? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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