8 Job Board WordPress Themes to Help You Publish Listings

There are many different types of job board themes for WordPress. Some enable you and your users to post job openings and receive applications through your website. Others have features that help you set up elaborate marketplaces where potential employers can connect with contractors and workers.

Operating a site to help connect users with jobs is no small task. Opportunities are constantly changing as companies fill job openings. Plus, it’s vital that you’re able to provide many key details for candidates to help match them with the right employers. Setting up and running a job board with the help of a carefully chosen and configured classifieds theme backed by the power and flexibility of WordPress is a good place to start.

Most of these job-hunting themes come packed with advanced configuration and customization options. With templates for listings, you can share employment opportunities including all the relevant details. Advanced search and front end submissions allow both employers and job-seekers to use your site effectively to meet their goals.

In this roundup, we’ll introduce you to our eight favorite job board themes for WordPress and help you decide which one to use. Let’s dive in!

Divi is a complex multipurpose theme that works for basically any type of website. That versatility comes, in great part, from its built-in page builder. With this theme, you get one of the most comprehensive visual editing systems on the market, and it also happens to be very intuitive.

If you use Divi, you get access to hundreds of pre-built website demos and layouts. That includes options for listing pages and recruiting candidates, among many others. However, in practice, there are advantages to using Divi to build a classifieds website from scratch.

The page builder’s extensive selection of modules enables you to craft unique page layouts to suit your needs. You can use them to mix and match elements and create career descriptions that include all the most important details for candidates.

The Divi community is highly active and its developers regularly publish tutorials on how to use the theme to build different types of sites. That includes, for example, creating dynamic listings using a simple blog layout.

Price: One-year license starts at $89 (for unlimited websites).

Job searching websites can be a lot more complex than a lot of people give them credit for. Anyone can put up a quick list of openings, but it takes skill to turn that into a database that users can easily sort through. That’s what Jobify enables you to do, all without touching a single line of code.

Jobify is a comprehensive listing system. Applicants can look through your site using filters such as keywords, locations, and categories to find positions they’re qualified for.

Using Jobify, you can show off top opportunities using company logos, location information, and more. All that is possible because this theme integrates with the WP Job Manager plugin out of the box.

Jobify also includes customization options such as demo sites and a drag-and-drop homepage builder. Plus, it’s coded with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind so job hunters using Google can find your site.

Price: One-year license starts at $69.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Careerfy offers as many features as some of the most popular career-building sites on the web. Using a single theme, you can create a platform that offers a comprehensive solution for employers as well as people looking for new careers.

For those who need to post employment opportunities, Careerfy enables direct submissions. You can charge companies for this service or allow them to upload their available jobs for free. You can also offer subscription packages for both companies and job-seekers through the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Careerfy is a particularly useful theme if you want to create a website that doesn’t focus on a single industry. You can display how many jobs are available for each field, highlight the most coveted positions on your site, and include testimonials from past users.

As for the listings themselves, this theme includes a layout that helps businesses add a staggering amount of information in an organized manner. That includes level of experience, what qualifications applicants need, and more. End-users will also see suggestions for other jobs they might be interested in, which helps increase their chances of landing a new position.

Price: One-year license starts at $89.

Jobmonster is a theme that allows you to create a job board from different angles. You can focus on helping companies attract new employees, assist users in finding their dream careers, or even set up pages to help third-party recruiters find the best candidates.

With Jobmonster, you get to choose from multiple pre-built website designs, depending on what you want to focus on. However, this theme’s best characteristics are geared towards businesses.

Employers can manage applications directly from your website. They can view every attachment candidates submit and accept them for further vetting or discard them if a prospective hire doesn’t meet their standards.

To power all those attributes, you can offer businesses different packages depending on how many positions they want to list and how many applications they want to be able to access. That means Jobmonster can help you easily monetize your classifieds website.

Price: One-year license starts at $55.

WorkScout provides top-tier User Experience (UX) for job hunters. It makes it easy to sort through options, compare their requirements and benefits, and get in touch with employers to learn more or submit an application.

To power those options, this theme works alongside the WP Job Manager plugin. That means your users get their own dashboards to keep an eye on the openings they’ve applied to, send messages, and create unique profiles that act as CVs so employers can vet them without having to leave your website.

WorkScout adapts beautifully to boards with hundreds of offers. It offers built-in autocomplete search functionality to streamline the process for users. They can also save past searches and sign up to receive notifications about similar positions.

The more details employers add to each post, the easier it becomes for your visitors to find the precise ones they’re looking for. WorkScout’s job page layout is set up to display extensive company information, including the company’s location via Google Maps.

Price: One-year license starts at $69.

Nokri is a user-friendly theme that targets both businesses and those looking for jobs. This theme enables you to set up advanced boards easily and create a unique listing system with custom fields that depend on the industries you’re targeting.

For example, if you want your site to focus on web development gigs, you can set up custom fields for specific programming languages required by each opportunity. Nokri also enables businesses to upload questionnaires alongside openings, so they can filter applicants even more aggressively.

Another notable trait is Nokri’s built-in resume upload and scoring system. It lets employers rate each portion of candidates’ resumes for a total grade out of 100. They can then use this number to break ties between applicants or recall their initial impressions of a specific contender after going through hundreds of documents.

Finally, this theme helps you set up dashboards for both users and businesses so they can keep track of jobs they’ve posted or applied to. All of that comes with a modern design that uses microinteractions to make pages seem more dynamic.

Price: One-year license starts at $59.

Jobseek is another example of an excellent theme built to work alongside the WP Job Manager plugin. With this solution, you get pre-made page designs for every single facet of a job board, including options for openings, user profiles, company pages, and even a blog.

Using Jobseek, companies can submit new positions using a simple front end form. The theme sets up a custom post category, which enables you to keep track of every listing with ease.

Jobseek also incorporates a simple color-coding system and includes company logos alongside each listing within your dashboard, which makes searching through them easier for applicants. You can charge employers for postings via WooCommerce, or let people use your site for free.

Since modern jobs often require very broad skillsets, Jobseek lets companies set up tags for all the qualifications they want to see in applicants. Users can view these tags to navigate your site and find the perfect position. They can also subscribe to your RSS feed to see new postings that match their criteria as they’re published.

Price: One-year license starts at $39.

JobCareer is perhaps the most comprehensive job board theme available that doesn’t rely on the WP Job Manager plugin. All the functionality it offers comes from tools built into the theme itself.

There are a lot of factors to unpack with this theme. You can set up free or paid publications for businesses, charge for highlighted positions, and even import jobs from Indeed. JobCareer also lets users set up their own profiles, fill out an online CV, create shortlists, and log into your website using their social media profiles.

With JobCareer, users can apply for jobs using their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles, which is an option that’s hard to come by. On top of that, they can sign up for alerts and receive suggestions when new offers that fit their qualifications are published.

Finally, JobCareer gives you several options when it comes to designs for your homepage. The theme includes 15 demos you can use to launch your site, depending on the style you’re looking for.

Price: One-year license costs $69.


Online job boards are complex systems. For your website to be useful to users and businesses, you need a theme that supports detailed job postings and makes positions easy to find. Providing high-quality UX for visitors is vital, especially if you plan to monetize your site with paid submissions.

In this post, we’ve covered eight of the top job classifieds themes available. WorkScout is an excellent choice is you want to keep things simple while still providing highly detailed listings. However, if you want to create a more comprehensive platform, JobCareer includes top-notch integration with social media as well as with Indeed.

Do you have any questions about launching a job board site? Ask away in the comments section below!

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