10 Themes for Mom Bloggers to Share Tips and Wisdom

Being a mom is a full-time job and blogging can be too. Growing a successful online platform takes a lot of work, particularly if your theme doesn’t provide features that can save you time and help you reach other parents.

Fortunately, there are many WordPress themes for mom bloggers out there. With the right one, you can create a gorgeous site, keep a consistent posting schedule, and empower others to share your blog posts via social media.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to 10 of our favorite themes for mom bloggers. We’ll break down what makes each of them unique and help you pick the perfect one. Let’s get right to it!

Creating a WordPress blog isn’t difficult. However, putting one together while keeping an eye on your kids is another matter entirely. Ideally, you need a theme that makes the process as simple as possible, and that’s Kale Pro.

With Kale Pro, you get a modern, stylish theme that is perfect if you want a blog that looks great without you having to spend ages tweaking every element of it. If you like to share snapshots of your life with other moms via social media, this theme also enables you to do so by integrating Instagram out of the box.

Price: A one-site license for Kale Pro costs $39 and includes one month of free support.

With every year that passes, blogs seem to become more and more complex. However, if you’re a busy mom, you may not have time to spend tinkering with elements you don’t need or tweaking every aspect of your site’s design.

Ariel Pro understands that and offers a clean, minimalistic setup that works for blogs of all types. Despite its outward simplicity, this theme does enable you to choose from multiple blog feed layouts and feature top posts you want to highlight.

Price: A one-site license for Ariel Pro costs $39 and includes one month of free support.

Elara Pro markets itself as a food blog theme. However, if you look beneath the pictures of desserts and avocado dishes, what you have is a strong foundation that can work for any type of blog.

If you’re serious about connecting with your audience of strong, independent mothers, you need a theme that offers all the features a blog needs to grow. Elara Pro comes with a broad array of functionality, ranging from ad support, templates for video posts, and support for e-commerce. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect theme if you’re a mom blogger looking to monetize her hard work.

Price: A one-site license for Elara Pro costs $39 and includes one month of free support.

Divi is what’s known as a ‘multi-purpose’ theme. That means it works for basically any type of website, from online stores to agency pages, and even mom blogs. All that’s possible because it includes several layout packs, including several for lifestyle bloggers. You can customize these templates with Divi’s own page-builder plugin.

Using the Divi Builder, you can transform the theme into any type of blog you want using dozens of pre-built modules for modern websites. That versatility makes Divi attractive, but it also means the learning curve here is steeper, so take that into consideration if you want to get your mom blog up and running fast.

Price: A one-year license for Divi costs $89 and comes with access to several other themes and plugins.

Mom blogs can become a lot more than just a space for you to share your wisdom with other parents. Some mom bloggers have gone on to great success launching businesses. If that sounds like a road you might want to explore, Peggi may be the ideal theme for you.

With Peggi, you get a theme that works for daycares, babysitting, and other businesses related to child-care. It’s fully compatible with WooCommerce as well, which makes it perfect for online stores. Plus, it works well for blogging, if you want to focus on your content.

Price: A one-year license for Peggi costs $75.

As a busy mom, you start to value the elegance of things that just work without giving you any additional headaches. With Hemlock, you have a beautiful one-column design that’s both sophisticated and versatile.

This theme provides you with several customization options. However, if you don’t want to bother with that, all you have to do is set it up and start writing. Choose the right images to accompany your parenting posts and you’ll have the makings of a successful mom blog on your hands, with very little extra work on your end.

Price: A one-year license for Hemlock costs $39.

Sitka bills itself as a ‘lifestyle’ blogging theme. However, when you think about it, there’s no more rewarding lifestyle than that of a parent, so you’re in the clear using it for your mom blog.

With Sitka, you gain access to multiple blog layouts, all effortlessly fashionable. Every layout is easily customizable using WordPress’ Block Editor, which makes this theme an excellent choice if you want full control over how your posts look.

Price: A one-year license for Sitka costs $59.

When you find a theme that’s called LetsBlog, you know it means business. LetsBlog includes designs for almost every type of blogging project you can imagine, including travel, food, lifestyle, and parenting, of course.

This theme enables you to choose from a broad range of layouts for your posts and customize them using a variety of tools. It also includes a selection of gallery designs you can use, which makes it perfect if you have a penchant for sharing photographs.

Price: A one-year license for LetsBlog costs $49.

A lot of blogging themes can be very limited in terms of functionality. They enable you to set up a good-looking site, but you’re on your own when it comes to other features beyond publishing articles.

Authentic takes a different approach by offering you a lot of advanced functionality to grow your mom blog beyond simple posts. It includes built-in review and social media sharing features, as well as a pop-up builder and integration with Google Analytics.

To top it all off, Authentic also bundles 50 demos and its own custom page-builder plugin to help you personalize your blog’s design.

Price:A one-year license for Authentic costs $69.

Growing a successful blog is a lot harder than many people might imagine, particularly if you’re a mother and have a thousand other daily tasks to juggle. Ideally, you need a theme that offers you a broad range of customization options so you can adapt your site as it grows.

With CheerUp, that’s precisely what you get. This theme includes over one thousand possible layout combinations using pre-built designs, so you can create the mom blog of your dreams by simply choosing one and tweaking it until it’s perfect.

Price: A one-year license for CheerUp costs $59.


Whether you’re a stay-at-home or a working mom, you deserve to have your voice heard. One of the best ways to share what you think with a broad audience is by blogging. With WordPress, you have a solid foundation to start a website, but you’ll also need the perfect theme to help you grow it to its fullest potential.

There are a lot of amazing themes for mom bloggers to pick from. One of our favorites is Ariel Pro. Its versatility makes it easy to publish parenting advice, plus it’s simple to set up and customize. 

Do you have any questions about how to pick the perfect theme for your mom blog? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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