11 Themes to Help You Launch a Creative Personal Blog

Sharing content online can be an excellent creative outlet to express your personality and your passions. You could be writing stories about your travels, sharing recipes, expert tips on parenting, or simply recording your thoughts and experiences on various topics close to your heart.

Starting your blog is easy as pie in this day and age. You could use a free platform at wordpress.com or set up your own self-hosted blog using WordPress. Many hosting providers these days provide one-click WordPress installation and setup for as little as around $4/month.

With a free (hosted) website, you can’t do everything necessary to appear professional. A self-hosted website is a great way to start your personal blog. It gives you more control, flexibility, and freedom to set up the features you like. You have more options for plugins and themes.

Your website should make your personality shine and straightforwardly communicate your values to enhance your uniqueness against other potential competitors in the same niche.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 11 of the best personal blog themes. We’ll talk about what makes each of them special and help you find the perfect one for your little corner of the web. Let’s get to it!

Redwood comes packaged in a cozy layout that’s easy to navigate. It is responsive, minimal, and very fast to load.

This theme enables you to create blog posts that are a joy to read through. You can choose between 5 different layouts with unlimited colors. It also offers several ways to integrate social media with your articles. You can link your Instagram to show your latest pictures.

Price: A license for Redwood costs $39.

Kale Pro is the perfect theme for bloggers who want to share their love for food. Whether you would like to show off your three-star Michelin culinary skills or simply give away the secrets of your family tasty recipes, this is the right solution for your blog.

With Kale Pro you get access to multiple blog post layout designs, lovely typography and some great areas to showcase your most important content. It offers a prominent emphasis on your images, making it very appealing and classy.

Price: One-time setup fee of $39 with one month of support.

The beauty of a personal blog is that you can write about what you love. If that subject just happens to be clothes and accessories, then we have the perfect theme for you. Cressida Pro is a lifestyle and fashion blog theme that looks effortlessly chic and modern.

With Cressida Pro, you can also monetize your blog by putting together outfits that visitors can shop directly from your online boutique thanks to the “Shop This Post” feature. You can also use the Promo Box widgets across the website to promote products and affiliates.

Price: One-time setup fee of $39 with one month of support.

The images you choose for your personal blog are as important as the words you write.

Bjorn understands this fascination and enables you to create gorgeous blog posts and showcase your best pictures alongside them. This theme includes multiple pre-built designs, all of which put a lot of emphasis on your images.

The cool feel of Bjorn sets the perfect tone for content that will engage, inspire, and entertain your followers.

Price: A license for Bjorn costs $49.

Blogging is all about sharing stories, and that’s the concept Sidewalk is built around. This theme focuses on storytelling and readability, so you can easily reach a wider audience.

If you want to set up a small personal blog, Sidewalk can do that. However, this theme really shines when it comes to building out big content libraries. If you think you may want to grow an international audience for your blog at some point, Sidewalk is a smart choice as it supports translations plugins.

Price: A license for Sidewalk costs $49.

When most people think about New York, they think of a multicultural, modern city. This theme evokes that feeling with an urban flair that’s stylish, yet accessible. It supports popular multilingual plugins and gives access to WooCommerce e-commerce so you can set up a shop in little to no time.

With New York, you also get to integrate your Instagram feed into your personal blog using a simple widget. That way, readers can take a peek into your life beyond your website.

Price: A license for New York costs $49.

Noemi is a theme designed to emphasize individuality, and focuses on creativity and flexible functionality.

With Noemi, you get to play with over ten gorgeous blog post layouts, so you can pick whichever one you like best. This theme integrates hundreds of third-party fonts as well, which enables you to further customize your blog.

Price: A license for Noemi costs $49.

As its name suggests, Flexblog is all about flexibility. The theme features a classic design that may not turn many heads, but is remarkably easy to customize. It’s the perfect opportunity to build something that’s uniquely yours.

Another area where Flexblog shines is social media. With this theme, you’ll have sharing buttons for all your blog posts, as well as icons you can link to individual profiles. It even enables you to embed your Instagram feed anywhere on your site to give it an extra bit of flair.

Price: A license for Flexblog costs $35.

Personal blogs are all about having fun and expressing yourself creatively. Elara is a stunning, visually captivating, feature packed theme.

With Elara Pro, you get a stylish theme that’s easy to customize. On top of that, it includes functionality that helps you set up ads and affiliate links with ease. If you’re feeling a bit more entrepreneurial, Elara Pro also integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to sell your own products.

Price: One-time setup fee of $39 with one month of support.

Johannes is a multi-concept modern personal blog WordPress theme that is very easy to use, especially if this is your first website.

This theme enables you to choose what blog design you want to use from among dozens of options. You can also select color and font presets. By the end of that process, you’ll have a fully functioning blog ready to go.

Should you want to personalize your blog even further, Johannes offers you two options. You can modify all of its elements using either the Block Editor or the WordPress Customizer. Put all those features together and you get a blogging theme that’s perfect for new users.

Price: A license for Johannes costs $59.

If you dream about becoming a travel writer, then you’ll need a blog where you can share all your adventures with the rest of the world in a simple format. Himmelen works for all types of personal blogs, and it is the best platform from where you can tell about your trips, your inspirations.

With Himmelen, you get access to multiple blog layouts, all of which put the focus on your photographs. This theme also enables you to change its color scheme in a matter of clicks, which makes it even more versatile.

Price: A license for Himmelen costs $59.


The beauty of a personal blog is that there’s no wrong approach to take. You can write about anything you want, update it as often as your schedule allows, and use any design that makes you happy. It is your authentic creation.

Kale Pro and Elara Pro are both excellent choices if you are looking for something that is easy to set up and customize. They’re an ideal fit for any type of blog. Elara Pro’s special features make it easy to monetize your writing if you ever choose to.

Do you have any questions about how to launch a personal blog? Let’s go over them in the comments section below!

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