8 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Increase Your Sales

Real estate WordPress themes include premium features you can use to create a website that’s slick and shows off your best property listings. That way, potential buyers will be able to access all the information they need online and know exactly what they want by the time they contact you.

Having a professional real estate website is an excellent way to showcase your abilities, connections, and success stories to demonstrate your expertise. This can help you attract more clients and increase your revenue.

In this article, we’ll show you eight of our favorite real estate WordPress themes. Special care was taken to include only the best, professionally designed, up to date, and well-supported real estate themes. We’ll discuss their top features and help you choose the perfect one for your business. Let’s get to it!

Vega Pro is a multi-purpose theme that can adapt to a broad range of use cases. It’s designed to be highly versatile, so you can use it to build anything from a personal blog to a real estate website.

With Vega Pro, you gain access to modern designs that work perfectly if you’re trying to create trust with potential buyers. You can choose from multiple homepage layout options, unlimited colors, and hundreds of fonts. For real estate websites, you can use any of the theme’s multiple slider layouts to prominently display your best properties.

On top of being easy on the eyes, Vega Pro is lighting-fast and optimized for search engines. That means potential buyers should be able to find available homes on Google and similar platforms if you’ve followed best practices when creating your listings.

Additionally, Vega Pro includes multiple professional-looking blog feed displays. This can enhance your content marketing strategy if you hope to publish authoritative posts on home buying and selling to attract new clients.

Price: A one-time setup fee of $39, then $7.99 per month for ongoing updates and support.

MyHome Real Estate isn’t just a theme, it’s an all-in-one website solution for real estate agents and agencies. With this handy tool, you can put up hundreds of houses for sale and enable visitors to search through them quickly.

This top-of-the-line theme enables your website’s visitors to locate houses on virtual maps and use dozens of filters to find exactly what they’re looking for. You can sort properties by type, asking price, and status (rental versus for sale). Once prospective clients find what they’re looking for, they can browse pictures, compare prices, and more.

All this functionality is possible because MyHome Real Estate integrates with the IDX Broker system, which is one of the most advanced listing platforms for real estate. Using this theme, you won’t need to pay to set up IDX Broker to work with your site.

Customization-wise, you can easily make changes to reflect your branding using MyHome Real Estate’s theme control panel. It includes custom property fields and more than 120 blocks to streamline content creation as well.

Price: A one-year license for MyHome Real Estate costs $59.

Visitors usually need to sort through hundreds of options before they find the homes of their dreams, which can be taxing unless your site is easy to navigate. With Residence Real Estate, running those searches isn’t a burden.

This theme is built to manage complex real estate portfolios. Visitors to your site can add homes to their favorites so they’re easy to find again later, and use a comparison feature to view multiple houses side by side.

Visitors will also be able to filter listings using dozens of criteria, including the real estate agent in charge of each property. This is perfect for large agencies. Former clients can leave testimonials about your business as well.

Finally, Residence Real Estate also enables you to set up virtual tours for your lots by uploading videos to their pages. This is the perfect solution for busy clients who can’t drive around to see all the options they like in person.

Price: A one-year license for Residence Real Estate costs $49.

Real Estate 7 is a powerful solution for real estate agencies and rental firms alike. If you manage dozens or even hundreds of properties, this theme should be an excellent fit for your business.

With Real Estate 7, you can list as many houses or apartments as you want and even process payments online. This feature is extremely handy for enabling tenants to pay rent online. This theme also enables users searching for a new place to live to filter options using a broad range of criteria, including ZIP codes, special deals, and many more options.

If you manage an extensive roster of real estate agents, you need to be able to track their performance. Real Estate 7 includes a built-in analytics system so you can monitor which pages are receiving the most attention, which tells you where you need to focus your marketing and investment efforts.

As far as customization goes, Real Estate 7 integrates with the Elementor page builder plugin out of the box. That means you can modify its default styles with little effort, so you can craft a gorgeous real estate website on top of this theme’s powerful features.

Price: A one-year license for Real Estate 7 costs $59.

Houzez is one of the most comprehensive real estate themes you can use for your website. It provides access to a fully-functional system for publishing and managing real estate that can scale alongside your business, from a small firm to a big-name agency.

Houzez enables you to show off your best homes with customizable grid layouts that look fantastic on larger screens. It also includes its own dashboard for helping you manage your properties and oversee leads, inquiries, and past transactions. This functionality is critical if you have multiple brokers on your team, since it makes tracking performance much easier.

With Houzez, users can jump between multiple displays to view your listings. On top of the regular pictures you upload, potential buyers can also check locations on a map and access street views courtesy of Google.

That last feature can help give your content a more personal touch, as it enables visitors to see how the house and the rest of the neighborhood fit together – an angle that regular pictures often can’t convey.

Price: A one-year license for Houzez costs $59.

A lot of real estate themes suffer due to a lack of styling options. You get plenty of functionality to navigate options, but the style may not be as appealing as other sites. Home Villas, on the other hand, scores top marks in both areas.

With Home Villas, you get to choose from 18 unique styles for your real estate website. Each design comes with ready-to-go elements you can mix and match to create a complex platform, including client testimonials, featured listings, and even FAQ pages.

Beyond design, Home Villas also includes search functionality, filters, and a comprehensive review system. If you run a rental agency, reviews are often key to finding new occupants.

For properties that are for sale, you can also include a mortgage calculator, so visitors can run their numbers without leaving your site.

Price: A one-year license for Home Villas costs $59.

So far, all the themes we’ve talked about are geared towards real estate businesses. Homely, on the other hand, provides you with the tools you need to create an open listing website.

Homely provides all the hallmarks of quality real estate themes, including advanced search functionality. However, what makes it unique is that it also enables users to upload properties directly to your website.

With Homely, you can display content using different types of layouts, including grids, rows, and maps. That gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to managing your growing portfolio.

Using Homely, you can build an online community where people can come to find their next home or rental. You can also customize this theme’s style to your liking using Elementor, which integrates with Homely out of the box.

Price: A one-year license for Homely starts at $39.

WpEstate takes all the features we’ve seen in other real estate themes so far and packages them up nicely with a few additions of its own. As far as real estate maps go, this theme has a lot of cool features to offer.

Users can locate homes on a clickable map that displays prices instead of addresses. This can help buyers quickly search through available listings to find ones in their budgets.

WpEstate lets you create your own listings or enable users to submit theirs. You can even charge for access to its property-upload functionality, which gives you an extra source of income.

As you might expect, this theme also includes in-depth search features. WpEstate’s pages are some of the most stylish we’ve seen so far.

Price: A one-year license for WpEstate costs $49.


Real estate can be a tough business. You help your clients make some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives, so you need to provide them with as much information as possible. A high-end website goes a long way towards reassuring home buyers of your expertise. They can also browse properties at their leisure and contact you when they’re ready to proceed.

There are many real estate WordPress themes to choose from. As a whole, they tend to offer plenty of advanced features. For example, WpEstate provides an all-in-one solution for independent brokers and real estate agencies. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit simpler to use, Vega Pro is lighting-fast and easy to customize.

Do you have any questions about real estate WordPress themes? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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