9 Single Property WordPress Themes That Attract Buyers

Some properties are exceptional and need to be in the spotlight to be visible to possible new owners. Whether you have a home on offer that’s different from your usual listings, need to promote a high rise full of luxury apartments, or are putting your own house on the market, it’s essential to have a website that’s up to the challenge.

In fact, for these superstar homes you might want to consider building a single property website. However, you may run into difficulties if you try doing this with a standard real estate theme. Instead, you’ll want a more specialized tool for the job.

A single property WordPress theme is more likely to have the features and design necessary to show off your unique listing. You’ll probably want to display the home through different types of media, to get potential buyers excited. If you’re handling rentals, you may even want to collect payments and take bookings right through your site.

In this post, we’ll give you a tour of nine top themes for building a single property WordPress site. Let’s get started!

First on our list, Nestin is a beautiful theme that’s ideal for presenting a single property. Its one-page design gives you all the space you need to help your listing shine.

Can’t decide on a single image to include on the home page? Add them all! This theme’s time-limited content appearance feature can help you make the most of a single-page layout. You can feature shots of the building from every angle, even without using a gallery.

Nestin’s interactive images are also a modern, efficient way to provide a lot of information without taking up much space. You can include one for each room, to give potential buyers a virtual tour they can take right from their mobile phones.

Price: A license for Nestin starts at $69.

Solus’ straightforward setup and reasonable price point make it a fine choice to sell or rent out your own home. This theme is fully responsive, so you can reach shoppers no matter what devices they’re using.

You can grab attention right from your home page by including a slider. This flexible tool enables you to highlight all the best features of the property. Then, you can add a few quick facts about the home and provide an easy way to schedule a showing. The included contact form makes it simple for potential buyers to get in touch with you.

When you’re trying to attract leads online, you’ll probably want to include many pictures of your property. With Solus, you can dedicate a gallery to every room in the house. If you like, you might even add a video to help round out the experience.

Price: A license for Solus starts at $59.

Handling rentals for an apartment complex is a job that calls for a single property theme. Fortunately, Mihouse comes with an array of tools that are ideal for keeping your building full of happy tenants.

Whether it’s your state of the art fitness center or an on-site dog park, your property likely has some amenities that you want to advertise. Mihouse’s ‘Services’ page gives a clean, uncluttered overview of what you have on offer.

This theme also makes it simple to provide prospective renters with a way to find their dream apartments, by including detailed floor plans. You can add all the necessary information to each, such as square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. From there, scheduling a tour is just a click away.

Price: A license for Mihouse starts at $59.

Real Home is a theme that’s all about giving you options, without becoming overwhelming. It’s flexible enough to be used for any type of listing, but is especially well-suited to vacation rentals.

You have the option to try a unique one-page layout, with an image carousel on the left side. You might dedicate the right side to the home’s features, including a floor plan. Then you can cover some basic facts about the building in center stage, such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms it contains.

With Real Home, you can also help buyers get a feel for the neighborhood, thanks to multiple styles for featuring nearby places of interest. You can even add a matching map to help them get their bearings.

Price: A license for Real Home starts at $59.

Next up, Windsor is another solution that could be perfect for highlighting all the best aspects of a luxury apartment complex. Its modern styling might be just what you need to complement a newly-built property.

One unique detail Windsor offers is the included BuddyPress plugin. You can use this tool to create a social network for your community’s website. Residents can welcome new neighbors, plan parties, or offer items for sale.

In addition, tenants will appreciate the ease of paying their rent online. Windsor integrates effectively with the WooCommerce plugin, which you can use to set up online payments. By adding apartment units as products, you can collect what you’re owed right through the site. This also saves you the trouble of having to deal with checks each month!

Price: A license for Windsor starts at $59.

If you’re selling your own property, Home Zone is optimized for just that purpose. Especially when your priorities include ease of use and robust support, this is a theme you might want to check out.

First and foremost, you can get your home in front of buyers quickly by making use of the one-click demo installer. Next, you’ll probably want to do some customizing. The included Visual Composer builder enables drag-and-drop designing. Home Zone also ships with plenty of shortcodes, so you can add even more components.

If you’ve never built a website before, Home Zone can be an excellent theme to learn with, as you’ll have plenty of support. It comes with extensive documentation and video tutorials to get you up and running.

Price: A license for Home Zone starts at $59.

Next, let’s take a look at Pado. It’s a stylish theme that provides you with lots of flexibility.

This theme ships with multiple ready-to-use demos, each made up of many unique pages and templates. The elements used in these demos are all interchangeable. You’ll also have numerous pre-made menus and footers to choose from.

If you’re managing a multi-family property, a blog is a nice feature to include on your site. It lets you keep residents up to date on building maintenance and improvements, as well as what’s happening in the neighborhood. The good news is that Pado makes creating and running a blog especially easy, with lots of advanced options for displaying content creatively.

Price: A license for Pado starts at $59.

If you’re aiming to build a single-property website with plenty of visual appeal, take a look at Real Property. This theme gives you lots of opportunities to indulge your inner photographer.

Real Property offers ample room to show off your listing in all its glory. For example, you can customize your site’s background with a full-width image or even a video. Then you can use the space provided by the mega menu to include even more shots of your property.

With multiple post types to choose from, you can really let your creative side loose and promote your listing through text-based content. If you think it would benefit from a video tour as well, Real Property even has a related post format that you can try out.

Price: A license for Real Property starts at $59.

Finally, Amuli has a lot of functionality built into a sleek, modern package. However, don’t let the bells and whistles intimidate you. It’s also a simple theme to set up and maintain.

Amuli integrates with many useful plugins that can help you manage your single property site. If you’ve been thinking of creating a monthly newsletter for your residents, for instance, Mailchimp for WordPress can help you put that plan into action. Plus, Contact Form 7 will make it just as easy for tenants to get in touch with you.

When it comes to designing your site, the Elementor page builder simplifies experimenting with different styles. You should be able to build a site that will have future residents excited to see your building in person. Then, the included Booked scheduling plugin enables them to schedule a viewing right from the website.

Price: A license for Amuli starts at $59.


Building a single property website can come with some unique challenges. However, you also have a chance to show off all the details that make the home special. A single property WordPress theme can help you take full advantage of this opportunity.

Today, we showed off nine of our favorite single property solutions. If you’re a first-time website creator selling your own house, Home Zone should fit your needs nicely. For a real estate professional with a building full of apartments to rent, Windsor is well worth a closer look.

What are your favorite elements to include on a single property website? Let us know in the comments section below!

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