9 Travel Blog Themes to Circle the Globe

Travel is one of the most popular and profitable blog niches on the web. However, this also means it’s one of the most competitive. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll not only need a stellar design, but also unique features to engage and retain your readers. The good news is that there are many travel blog themes for WordPress that can help.

Creating a travel blog isn’t hard at all. WordPress has all the features you’ll need to set up and run a successful website. Choosing the right theme for your blog is important. We’ve lined up some of the best WordPress travel blog themes. All themes in this selection are beautifully designed and featured-packed to get your website up and running in no time.

A quality theme for your blog will include features such as advanced image galleries, social media integration, and location-based elements such as custom post types for your destinations.

Images, stories, and reviews from your travels will play a most important role in giving life and personality to your travel blog. As such, the theme you choose will play a big role in showcasing your content and setting it apart from other blogs. In this article, we’ll introduce you to nine travel blog themes to share the best memories from your trips around the world with your readers. Let’s depart!

If you want to make your readers yearn for faraway corners of the world, you need three things – gorgeous photographs, captivating stories, and the right theme to bring them together. While it can’t supply you with quality content, Juliet Pro can provide the third element.

Juliet Pro is a blogging theme that focuses on your images. On your homepage, you can share photos from your most popular trips and lead readers to your latest adventures. This theme also enables you to integrate your social media feeds, add a biography section to tell visitors about yourself, and more.

This theme comes packed with customization options as well. There are multiple widgets, media sliders, headers, footers, and post layouts to choose from. It also includes several color and Google Font options.

Additionally, as your audience grows, Juliet Pro can help you monetize your travel blog with its native ads module. This theme is also built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, which should make it easier for users to find your site through Google and other search engines.

Price: One-time setup fee of $39 with one month of free support.

Minimalism is a popular trend in web design nowadays and it’s easy to see why. The less cluttered your website is, the more room its core elements – such as images and text – have to shine.

However, just because Ariel Pro follows some common design fads doesn’t mean it comes off as ‘cookie-cutter’. It has extensive customization options you can use to make sure your travel blog looks unique. In addition to creating your ideal color scheme and font combination, you can apply the best feed layout and post formats for your site.

Travel photographs and tales from your trips should always be centerstage on your blog. Ariel Pro understands that. The moment users arrive on your page, they’ll see a collection of your featured posts, led with the best images from each locale. As they scroll down, they can discover inspirational quotes, find your author biography, join your email list, follow your social media profiles, and more.

Ariel Pro provides you with unique formats for images and video posts. It also integrates with WooCommerce to help you monetize your blog, and email marketing platforms so you can promote it. That way, you can reach out to your readers and let them know what corner of the world you’re currently visiting. It manages to include all that functionality without losing its high end aesthetic.

Price: One-time setup fee of $39 with one month of free support.

Divi is one of the best-known and largest multi-purpose WordPress themes. You can use it to create almost any type of website you want, but it offers a few features that can make it especially well-suited for travel blogs.

With Divi, you gain a powerful page builder that enables you to add images and galleries (along with dozens of other elements) anywhere you want on your website. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to customizing your site and post layouts.

Some one-of-a-kind features that may interest you include:

  • Country, city, and continent counters to showcase the extent of your journies
  • Easy Google Map integration to highlight your favorite destinations
  • Recent posts showcases to put the spotlight on your latest trips

Additionally, if you don’t want to craft a website from scratch, Divi has you covered. This theme provides hundreds of pre-built layout packs, several of which are perfect for travel blogs.

Price: One-year license starts at $89 (for unlimited websites).

Himmelen is an elegant blogging theme that can help you enchant your audience with tales from cities around the globe. This is the perfect option for committed nomads, as it’s designed to help readers navigate through vast libraries of content with ease.

This theme provides one of the easiest setup and configuration experiences we’ve seen so far. With Himmelen, you get access to a built-in customization panel that includes dozens of options.

For example, you can switch menu positions, choose between different header and post styles, change your logo’s location, and decide between five unique blog layouts. Himmelen also includes a color-picker tool, which you can use to revamp your travel blog’s color palette to match your personal style.

To help you show off your best trips, Himmelen includes a custom ‘popular posts’ widget, as well as post sliders you can configure to show different categories.

Price: One-year license starts at $49.

Newspaper is a multi-purpose theme with a focus on content-heavy platforms such as online magazines and blogs. With its broad selection of layouts, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to what you want your website to look like.

Some of this theme’s pre-built designs are custom made for travel blogs. The Nomad layout, for example, enables you to organize articles by location, as well as highlight specifics regarding the cuisine, culture, and wildlife you’ve encountered. This can help you create immersive content for your readers.

Another excellent option is the Travel Memories layout. In this case, the design is geared towards adventurers. If you like to hop on a plane and take spontaneous trips to new countries, this demo will help you show off your top destinations. You can also create experience bucket lists for your more avid readers, and encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list for more.

To help you customize your blog, Newspaper includes a page builder as well as a separate tool just for modifying your header and footer.

Price: One-year license starts at $59.

Travel blogging doesn’t have to be just a hobby. With the right theme, you can share your passion with readers while making money to fund future trips at the same time. Trawell enables you to do that by including well-placed ads throughout your site.

This theme also integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, which you can use to sell products. You might write an e-book with some of your best tips for packing and budgeting, or create ready-to-use itineraries your readers can follow on their own vacations.

Using Trawell, you also get multiple templates for your blog pages. You can organize your content by location and set unique styles for each category. For example, you might create separate archives for Asia, Africa, and Europe. Each can feature a unique style.

Trawell also pays special attention to your photos. It includes multiple resolution presets which it applies to every image you upload, enabling you to choose the perfect size for each shot. Although it doesn’t include dozens of pre-built pages like some themes, it looks sleek and stylish out of the box.

Price: One-year license starts at $69.

Norway is a simple blogging theme that’s a fantastic option for travel blogs. Here, you don’t get dozens of demos and ready-to-go layouts to pick from, but instead have one design that’s highly versatile and emphasizes readability.

With Norway, you can use any font you want from the Google Fonts library. It also enables visitors to look at your latest posts, navigate through your archives, or subscribe to your email list, all from your homepage. There’s a dedicated section to tell visitors more about you and your passion for traveling as well, and you can share links to your social media profiles.

The best part of using Norway is that individual blog posts look fantastic with no need for extensive customization. The theme uses special styles for quotes and lets you upload images that display from border to border. Each post includes an author box and lists an average read time at the top.

Overall, this theme is an excellent pick for bloggers who want to jump straight into sharing their experiences and don’t care much about tinkering with color schemes or moving elements around their sites.

Price: One-year license starts at $69.

Piemont is a theme for bloggers of every kind. It comes with demo websites for travel blogs, magazines, tech newspapers, and many other niches. This theme is a quality option if you don’t want too many elements cluttering your pages.

The Piemont theme enables you to tweak any design with multiple menu, header, and post slider variations. It also lets you add banners in strategic locations, which opens up advertising possibilities. As for your blog page itself, you get to choose from five different layouts to display your latest posts.

Additionally, Piemont includes a feature that allows you to embed your latest Instagram posts into your blog’s homepage. This can help you build your social media following to expand your new digital brand.

Another nice thing about this theme is that it offers extensive documentation, including video tutorials. It should be fairly easy to pick up on how to use it, and how to navigate its customization panel.

Price: One-year license costs $49.

GoExplore! isn’t just a theme for bloggers. You can use it to create comprehensive guides for multiple continents and countries. It includes a custom ‘destination’ post type for this purpose.

For each destination you add, you can include pages for activities, tours, nightlife, and even cuisine. On top of that, you can publish extensive blog posts to share your personal experiences and help visitors navigate each locale you feature.

The way GoExplore! is built makes it an excellent solution if you want to create a travel website with several collaborators. Even if you’re a regular globetrotter, it would be hard to create comprehensive content on multiple locations.

However, with more contributors, you could end up with a website that rivals professional travel agencies. If you’re hoping to become a go-to resource for vacationers and nomads alike, this theme may be a worthy investment.

Price: One-year license starts at $79.



A simple travel blog can help you connect with thousands of people from all around the world. A well-written blog with beautiful photos can make your visitors yearn to see the same places you have. There are many travel blog themes that can help you set up your website to become an engaging source of information and entertainment for readers.

For a minimalist travel blog experience, we recommend using Ariel Pro, which is the perfect canvas for you to customize. And if you’re all about community and you want to let others share their stories alongside your own, you can’t go wrong with GoExplore!.

What destinations do you hope to feature on your travel blog? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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