10 Best WooCommerce Themes to Launch Your E-Commerce Store

Most of us have become used to buying products online. The more accustomed we grow to this kind of shopping, the higher our standards in terms of customer service and general experience rise. In other words, buying from an online store that looks like it’s held together by duct tape is no longer an option.

Therefore, if you’re running a WooCommerce store, it needs to be easy to use while also looking professional. Potential customers should feel comfortable buying from you, and whether they do or not will depend largely on your store’s presentation.

The right WooCommerce theme can play a significant role in providing visitors with a positive first impression. Your chosen theme can give you access to different styles and customization options, as well as key features such as dynamic pricing.

In this roundup, we’re going to introduce you to ten of the best WooCommerce themes for your up-and-coming store. We’ll focus on what sets each theme apart, in order to help you choose the best one for your needs. Let’s get right to it!

Shopkeeper is an excellent option if this is your first time setting up a WooCommerce store. On top of the default setup wizard, Shopkeeper also includes its own custom setup process. This helps you enable automatic updates, select a theme demo to import (if you want to), and start tweaking your store’s design right away.

Once you start adding products, Shopkeeper offers plenty of ways to spice up your galleries. You can mix YouTube videos with high-quality product photos, and turn on both zooming and lightbox effects. This theme also comes with light and dark color presets, enabling visitors to switch to their favorite designs on the fly.

Shopkeeper is a particularly useful choice for stores with a broad catalog of items. It includes a hidden sidebar that visitors can use to filter search results, which features both price and category settings.

Price: A one-year license starts at $59.

Porto is a multipurpose theme, but does have a clear focus on online stores. It comes with a massive selection of pre-built demos to choose from, including multiple unique e-commerce designs.

When it comes to customizing your shop, Porto enables you to use either Elementor or the WordPress Block Editor, and it offers unique designs for each one. If you’re not a fan of page builders, Porto also includes a lot of settings, making it possible to change everything from your website’s menu styles to its colors.

Depending on how complex your WooCommerce store will be, you might also want to take advantage of Porto’s menu builder. For large stores with dozens of categories, a multi-level menu is a must, and Porto makes it easy to create one that’s clear and attention-grabbing.

Price: A one-year license starts at $59.

As its name suggests, Sober is a minimalist WooCommerce theme that lets you create very user-friendly online stores. This theme gives your customers the option to favorite or add items to their carts without opening a new page. At the same time, mousing over any product lets you peruse all of its available images.

For visitors who want a closer look at a product’s details, Sober also offers quick-view functionality. That means customers don’t have to leave the main shop page to read more about an item and compare it with other options.

What’s more, Sober includes live search out of the box. This feature will suggest product options as users type what they’re looking for into the search bar, which is perfect for helping visitors quickly sort through large catalogs.

Finally, this theme enables you to create product sliders using a drag-and-drop builder, thanks to its integration with the popular Slider Revolution plugin.

Price: A one-year license starts at $59.

Next up, Konte is a WooCommerce theme that makes a lot of bold design choices. For example, it empowers you to create gorgeous multi-level menus using images as backgrounds. This is a fantastic way to showcase different product categories, and make your shop a lot more engaging.

Another aspect that sets Konte apart is the choice of among eight distinct product page styles. Each design offers a slightly different layout, but they all include unique sliders that are perfect for showing off items via multiple photos.

Konte also lets you set up custom tabs for customer reviews, so your product pages remain uncluttered. If you use your WooCommerce store to offer services, you can even take advantage of Konte’s gorgeous pricing table styles. This makes it simple to offer recurring subscriptions, and promote them in a stylish way.

Price: A one-year license starts at $59.

If you want a highly-customizable theme that’s perfect for multilingual stores, Stockie is worth a look. This theme is translation-ready, which means you can add multiple languages to your store from the beginning and attract a wider pool of customers.

To help you get started quickly, Stockie lets you pick from a broad selection of shop and product page layouts. Its store pages offer grid-based designs that adapt to screens of every size. Moreover, this theme comes with an advanced settings dashboard that supports font, color, and layout customization.

For more experienced users, Stockie includes the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, which lets you customize product pages even further. It also integrates with Contact Form 7, so you can design user-friendly forms that enable customers to get in touch easily.

Price: A one-year license starts at $59.

The Oxygen theme is all about making your customers’ buying journey as straightforward as possible. From the get-go, this theme enables your store’s visitors to see which items are on sale, check out how much they’re saving, and even get an overview of each item’s review score.

The product pages themselves are also easy to navigate. Customers can switch between descriptions and reviews using on-page tabs, and add items to their wish lists with a single click.

At any point, a customer can also check out their shopping cart without leaving the page they’re on, by clicking on an icon at the top of the screen. The cart will appear in a collapsible menu that includes the current total cost of any included items, and lets the customer move right to the checkout screen.

With Oxygen, you can choose between top-menu or sidebar designs for your shop. There are multiple pre-built demos for both types of layouts. Whatever design you choose, you can easily edit it to meet your specific needs using the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Price: A one-year license starts at $60.

WoodMart features one of the biggest collections of pre-built designs you can find in a WooCommerce theme. There are over 60 store demos to choose from if you want to get your shop up and running fast.

However, there’s a lot more to WoodMart than just its looks. With this theme, visitors can use advanced search filter settings that include options for both size and color. The latter comes in particularly handy if your store offers multiple varieties of the same products, but in different styles.

To make finding the right items simpler, WoodMart incorporates a full-screen live search feature. As customers type in product names, suggestions will come up on the screen, including accompanying images.

Finally, WoodMart supports social media-based login and registration. This makes it possible for customers to check out without having to create new accounts, since they can use either Facebook or Google to complete their purchases.

Price: A one-year license starts at $59.

What if you want a WooCommerce theme that keeps things simple? Metro is a minimalist option that takes its inspiration from modern design techniques. Beyond its striking looks, Metro’s main selling point is that it supports multiple vendors out of the box.

This theme comes with several premium plugins, including Dokan Multivendor. With that tool, you can enable users to sell products through your store, uploading their items using front-end forms. What’s more, each vendor gets access to a custom dashboard they can use to monitor sales.

Metro also lets you to add schema markup to any of your products using the WordPress editor. Custom markup can make your store’s search results stand out in Google, since you can feature ratings, prices, and product images along with text.

To allow for further customization, Metro works seamlessly with the Elementor page builder. However, it’s also easy to tweak using the default Block Editor.

Price: A one-year license starts at $24.

If you’re a fan of the WordPress Block Editor, you’re probably going to enjoy using PeakShops. This WooCommerce theme adds over 140 blocks that you can use to build your store, which makes putting together your dream layout easy.

That same high level of customization is also available for shop and product pages. PeakShops gives you full control over just about every aspect of your store, from what types of grids you use right down to the spacing between products.

This theme also supports multiple product swatch options out of the box, making it perfect for clothing stores. Depending on what variations you offer, users can switch between item colors, sizes, patterns, and more with ease.

With PeakShops, it’s also easy to create a unique look by using multiple fonts throughout your website. This theme not only comes with a massive selection of typography choices, but it even lets you pick different typefaces for each on-page element.

Price: A one-year license starts at $39.

Finally, North takes a lot of the most important features you’ll need for your WooCommerce store, and bundles them together into a single package. This theme comes with a broad selection of shop and product page designs. It also incorporates customizable search filter options and individual product variations.

What really sets North apart, however, is that it comes with a useful collection of premium WooCommerce extensions. This provides you with the functionality you need for more complex tasks, such as setting multiple shipping rates depending on user purchase totals.

Other features of note include dynamic pricing, and discounts that can be fully configured. Finally, this theme can also generate PDF receipts for your customers, which is perfect when you need to keep clear and detailed records.

Price: A one-year license starts at $59.


The best WooCommerce themes do a lot more than just give your store a makeover. They can also give you access to features that make your e-commerce shop a lot easier to customize, and more enjoyable to use.

Most of the themes included in this roundup are highly versatile. If you’re still not sure where to start, Konte is a fantastic option that’s easy to use, and it offers some stunning menu design options. For sheer functionality, you can’t go wrong with WoodMart, which is a top-notch theme for stores that offer many product variations.

Do you have any questions about how to pick the best WooCommerce theme for your online store? Let’s talk in the comments section below!

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