The 9 Best WordPress Themes for Counselors and Therapists

As a therapist or counselor, you care deeply about your clients. Everything about your business needs to reflects that protection and care, from your welcoming office to your professional demeanor. If you’ve been thinking about building a website, you probably want it to do the same.

There are a lot of themes available to help you accomplish this goal. Whether you’re creating a site to bring in new patients or support existing ones (or both!), the themes we’ll look at today can make your task easier.

For example, a cohesive ‘About’ page can help potential patients get a sense of your personality and methods. You’ll also want to display the services you offer in one convenient location. In addition, your existing patients may appreciate the ability to schedule their appointments online.

To help you start out on the right foot, we’ve rounded up nine themes that can help you build a website for your mental health practice. Let’s get started!

First on our list, Divi offers a therapist layout pack that is both elegant and comforting. Thanks to the included Divi Builder, you can get your site ready to go quickly, with no coding required.

This theme includes pre-built pages designed to display all the information a potential patient may need, in a way that’s easy to understand. You can even feature reviews from current and past clients. There are also plenty of spots to place a button that takes visitors right to your appointments page.

Plus, Divi’s therapist layout pack comes with a wealth of beautiful images and illustrations. There are no licensing restrictions on these elements, so you’re free to use them when designing your website.

Price: A license for Divi is $89 per year, or $249 for lifetime access.

Psychologist is a clean-looking, minimal theme that you can use to build a fully-featured website. Any of its modern home page layouts are a fine choice for making a solid first impression on visitors.

Since your office space is likely a critical part of your practice, you may want to use the provided gallery options to showcase it. There are multiple styles to choose from, such as grid and masonry layouts.

This theme also offers several options for displaying your services. What’s more, once visitors have decided you’re the therapist for them, they can book online easily using the included appointment scheduler.

Price: A license for Psychologist starts at $59.

Celeste is a responsive solution that’s well-suited to any kind of therapist or counselor. This theme contains plenty of features in an organized and easy-to-understand interface.

Along with this theme, you’ll get the Bold Timeline plugin. You can use this tool as a unique way to display your services. Alternatively, it could be a fun option for showcasing your credentials, education, or any awards you may have won.

As a psychologist or psychiatrist, you know it’s vital that your patients understand when they can reach you. Celeste provides a simple way to display your contact info, working hours, and location, so clients never have to wonder when you’ll be available.

Price: A license for Celeste starts at $69.

If you’re searching for a modern, professional theme well-suited to a team of therapists, look no further. Optima is a flexible option that can help your site grow along with your practice.

This theme’s About Us page gives you ample opportunity to advertise your colleagues and their credentials. If your team is particularly large, you may want to use the included Slider Revolution plugin to display photos and social media links for each of them.

If you’d like to add a blog to your website as well, Optima has a few layouts you can choose from. It includes a full-width option, or you can choose a left- or right-hand sidebar. Alternately, the masonry layout can offer your site a more trendy touch.

Price: A license for Optima starts at $59.

What if you want an impressive website, but you’re a bit short on time? In that scenario, Psychiatrist could be an excellent choice This theme ships with tools that make it possible for anyone to get started quickly.

Psychiatrist comes with three different demos that you can import with a single click. Then all you have to do is replace the starter content with your own text and media. There are also multiple menu options for each demo, so you can choose what will work best for you and your clients.

As an added perk, the WPBakery Page Builder is also included in this theme. This drag-and-drop builder can be quite helpful when tailoring the default layout into the perfect website for your practice.

Price: A license for Psychiatrist starts at $59.

Next up is Hypnotherapy. This is an attractive, responsive theme with plenty of useful features, all wrapped up in a beginner-friendly package.

Crafting a page that helps visitors get to know you and what you offer can be challenging. Hypnotherapy’s two styles of ‘About’ pages provide you with templates to get you started. You can focus on a written summary, or add lots of images to offer patients a clearer picture of who you are.

What’s more, Slider Revolution and Swiper are both included with this theme. Each of these sliders is touchscreen-friendly. That will make it easy for users to navigate your website, regardless of what devices they use.

Price: A license for Hypnotherapy starts at $59.

Psycholox has a calming aesthetic that should help your website’s visitors feel welcome. As for you, you’ll likely enjoy its simplicity and ease of setup.

This theme is another excellent choice if you’re unfamiliar with the process of designing a website. Psycholox ships with several home page layouts that you can get started with. The included Visual Composer can help you with further tweaks.

You’ll also find that Psycholox is well-documented, and can take you through the setup process step-by-step. You even have access to a dedicated support team via a ticketing system. Any questions you may have should be answered within 24 hours.

Price: A license for Psycholox starts at $49.

The first thing to know about Life Coach and Psychologist is that it’s a powerful theme. It is also fully responsive, and well-optimized for SEO. However, it still manages to offer plenty of visual appeal.

Testimonials from past clients are an effective way to bring in new business. To that end, Life Coach and Psychologist’s Success Stories module enables you to present multiple reviews in an organized yet eye-catching format.

This theme’s typography is especially beautiful and expressive. For example, you can add block quotes and drop caps to your content. When combined with the multiple included post styles and formats, Life Coach and Psychologist may inspire you to start a blog. You can even share pre-recorded meditations using the audio or video post types.

Price: A license for Life Coach and Psychologist starts at $59.

If you’re hoping to build a site with a modern feel, Cloe Brooks is a stylish option that still carries an air of professionalism. It also comes with some unique features, which can make it easier for you to offer your services to potential clients.

For instance, price will be a concern for many prospective patients, and they’ll appreciate some transparency in that area. You can use Cloe Brooks’ handy pricing tables to include price ranges for each of your services, so your clients will know what to expect.

You may also want to take advantage of this theme’s forums feature to provide some online support. Patients who have difficulty leaving their homes might appreciate the opportunity to participate in a virtual support group.

Price: A license for Cloe Brooks starts at $59.


It can be challenging to select a theme that accurately portrays you as a therapist. This choice can be even more intimidating if you don’t have much experience with website design. The good news is that there’s a generous selection of beginner-friendly options that still enable you to provide an exceptional experience to potential and current clients.

If you’re still not sure where to start, Cloe Brooks is an excellent choice when you’re after a more contemporary look for your website. On the other hand, if your business comprises multiple practitioners, you may want to explore what Optima has to offer.

Do you have questions about any of the themes we showed you today? Ask us in the comments section below!

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