11 Best Themes for Photographers to Showcase Their Work

Showcasing your photographs isn’t as easy as uploading them to a blank page and calling it a day. If you want visitors to take you seriously, you need a professional digital portfolio. The right theme can help elevate your site to that level.

With a quality photography WordPress theme, you’ll gain access to gorgeous gallery designs, ready-to-go portfolio templates, and much more. That means it’ll take you a lot less time to launch your website, so you can get back to where you want to be – behind the camera.

In this roundup, we’ll introduce you to 11 of our favorite themes for photographers and talk about what sets each of them apart. Let’s get to it!

Most photographers dream of the day when their work will show up in a famous magazine. In the meantime, you can create a photography website that looks just as amazing as any center spread using Fotomag.

With Fotomag comes a simple design that uses larger-than-life grids to make your photographs pop. This theme’s simple design also makes it a fantastic choice if you want your website to be highly responsive for use on mobile devices.

Price: A single license for Fotomag costs $39.

Ariel Pro is a minimalistic theme that’s built around the concept of giving your photographs plenty of room to shine. This theme offers a clean design that’s easy to use but doesn’t take away any attention from your work.

If you’re an Instagram enthusiast, you’ll be glad to know that Ariel Pro allows you to easily integrate your feed with your website. It also works seamlessly with WooCommerce, enabling you to sell prints from your site.

Price: A one-time setup fee of $35 with free support for one month.

Photography enables you to pick from dozens of ready-to-go designs for your website. Those options range from classic grid layouts to gorgeous one-page portfolios.

With Photography, you also get a few freebies, including licenses for the Revolution Slider and iLightbox plugins. With these premium tools, creating gorgeous galleries becomes child’s play.

Price: A single license for Photography costs $59.

Novo is all about immersion. This modern theme offers you the opportunity to play with several unique pre-built website designs. With its emphasis on transition effects, you can use Novo to guide your visitors on a journey through your best work.

Novo also provides access to advanced functionality such as password-protected galleries, online shopping capabilities, and much more.

Price: A single license for Novo costs $59.

A lot of photography themes are built with simple portfolio websites in mind. Reflector, on the other hand, aims higher. This theme was designed for professional photography studios, and it shows in its attention to detail.

With Reflector, you get access to dozens of demo websites you can use to kickstart your own design. The theme also enables you to play with its massive library of custom-built elements, so you can craft the studio website of your dreams more efficiently.

Price: A single license for Reflector costs $59.

Navigating hundreds of photographs can be tricky, and using infinite scrolling doesn’t work well outside of social media. For a photography website, you need a better approach when it comes to image management.

With Photolio, you can use multiple gallery designs and animated menus to help visitors find their way around your best work. This theme also enables you to switch between light and dark styles, depending on your preferences.

Price: A single license for Photolio costs $49.

Elara Pro is a food blogging theme at heart. However, once you look beyond the surface, you’ll see it includes many features that are perfect for photography websites.

With Elara Pro, you gain access to gorgeous galleries, support for video posts, and the ability to highlight specific content. This last feature is perfect for showcasing the photographs you’re particularly proud of to attract clients.

Elara Pro also works seamlessly with many e-commerce plugins, which makes it a solid option if you want to sell prints online.

Price: A one-time setup fee of $35 with free support for one month.

If you love full-screen galleries, you’ll likely appreciate Oyster. This theme allows you to pick from four different portfolio layout designs, each of them featuring galleries that stretch all the way across your screen.

Oyster enables you to animate your galleries using the Revolution Slider plugin, which bundles multiple transition effects you can use throughout your website. If you want to set up a blog alongside your portfolio, this theme also provides several unique layout designs to choose from.

Price: A single license for Oyster costs $60.

Most photography themes focus on helping you create a website that looks good. However, Whizz takes it up a notch by also including features that can actually help you grow your business quicker.

With this theme, you can set up private galleries, add watermarks, process downloads, and even receive feedback from customers. When you combine these features with online selling capabilities, you get a full suite of tools for running a professional photography studio.

Beyond those features, Whizz also scores high marks when it comes to design. This theme includes dozens of pre-built pages, all featuring modern styles that are perfect for any photography website.

Price: A single license for Whizz costs $29.

With Wiso, you get another theme that’s filled to the brim with features to make your work as a photographer easier. Like our last pick, this theme enables you to set up private client galleries and process downloads for the photos you sell.

However, what sets Wiso apart is its client management functionality. The theme enables you to create individual client profiles, which you can access to take a look at all their private galleries. Wiso also enables you to schedule events, which is perfect for booking photoshoots.

In a way, with Wiso, you get both a photography theme and a personal assistant rolled into one, which makes it one of our favorites.

Price: A single license for Wiso costs $39.

If you liked our previous two picks, you’re going to love Phoxy. This theme includes client management and photography submission features similar to those provided by Wiso and Whizz. However, Phoxy’s design is really awesome.

Its pre-built templates are some of the most gorgeous we’ve seen so far. More importantly, they’re all unique, so you can play with a broad range of styles. The theme is also fully responsive: the layout will fluidly respond to any screen size to ensure you can interact with your website.

Price: A single license for Phoxy costs $39.


As a photographer, you probably have a keen eye for visual composition. That means you can spot a stylish website a mile away. With the right WordPress theme, you can put together a stunning portfolio.

When it comes to WordPress themes for photographers, your choice usually boils down to those with sleek minimal designs, or those that pack almost more features than you can use. If you want a theme that’s simple and stylish, Elara Pro is a solid pick. For more complex features, Phoxy might be up your alley.

Which theme do you prefer for your website? Let us know in the comments section below!

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