Food blog WordPress themes are among the most powerful blogging themes available in the WordPress industry. They offer everything bloggers need to thrive in terms of traffic and revenue growth. For food bloggers, this ranges from printable recipe cards and support for ads to social sharing features built right into the theme itself.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at 15 different food blog themes that’ll help you take your food blog to the next level. We’ll cover key features each theme has to offer as well as the advantages and disadvantages that come with using each. We’ll go over which key features and advantages you should be aware of first.

If you’re here because you’re interested in becoming a food blogger, check out our ultimate guide on how to start a food blog. It covers everything you need to know, from choosing a host and getting started with WordPress to the plugins we recommend using.

With that said, let’s kick things off with our first topic.

Top Features to Look for in Food Blog WordPress Themes

Like I said, food blog themes are among the most powerful blogging themes available for WordPress. This is due to a combination recipe functionalities, marketing tools and blogging features.

Here are the top features we recommend considering. It should be noted that all of these features are optional. It’s up to you to decide which features you feel are most important.

Recipe Cards

LyraThemes Recipe Card

This is a feature that sets food blog themes apart from other blogging themes. At the very least, a recipe card should allow you to list the ingredients and directions of a recipe in an aesthetically-pleasing way. They should also allow you to list a recipe’s preparation/cook times and number of servings. Other features recipe cards may offer include interactive directions and timers, nutrition data, and user reviews.

Recipe Index Templates

LyraThemes Recipe Index

You can certainly apply categories and tags to recipe posts and use the archive pages to create collections of recipes, but recipe index templates provide much more efficient ways of doing this. They give you the ability to build smarter, better-organized collections of recipes your readers will enjoy looking through.

Support for Ads

LyraThemes Ad Space

Ads provide a simple way for bloggers to generate revenue from casual visitors. Most developers insert spots for ads in the sidebar and header of a theme, though some may take things up a few notches by inserting ad spots in blog feeds and individual blog posts. Either way, the ads should allow you to insert ad code from networks like Google AdSense or ads provided by a company to promote an individual product.

Affiliate Marketing Features

LyraThemes Shop This Post

Some developers take the ad support feature up a few notches by integrating affiliate marketing features into their themes. This typically means a promotional widget you can add an image and affiliate link to. However, some developers go even further by adding such unique features as a carousel you can use to insert affiliate links for products mentioned in a particular post.

Multiple Layout Options

Page builders and similar plugins are wonderful tools that give average users the ability to design their own pages and even customize themes on their own. Even so, some bloggers don’t want to go through the trouble of creating their own designs from scratch. If that sounds like you, make sure the food blog theme you choose offers multiple layout options for the homepage, individual blog and recipe posts, blog feeds, headers, menus, and more.


As a food blogger, you’re more likely to get personal with your audience. Your personality is going to shine through every post you publish, and your site’s style should reflect that personality. Make sure the theme’s overall style works for your brand, or make sure the developer offers several layout options and customizable theme options at the very least. You should also make sure the colors and fonts work for you, and look for themes that offer unlimited color options and customizable fonts, such as Google Fonts.

Email Marketing Integration

LyraThemes Email Form

Having a way to connect with your audience is important. Social media isn’t effective enough when it comes to keeping a blog audience engaged. That’s where email marketing comes into play. There are plenty of third-party options that give you the ability to add email forms for a variety of different email marketing service providers to your site, but some developers build this functionality directly into their themes.

Social Sharing Functionality

While email marketing provides an effective way for you to reign in and market to a recurring audience, social media paves the way for you to reach new readers. One strategy you can use to improve your social media influence is to have that recurring audience share your content themselves. Readily available social share buttons do just that, so you may want to choose themes that have this functionality built in.

Social Media Integration

LyraThemes Instagram Feed

Another strategy you can use to increase your social media following is to market your profiles directly on your blog. Social media links, especially ones inserted in your site’s header, are great. Feeds generated from your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest profiles are even better.

WooCommerce Integration

Every blog should have multiple revenue streams. There may come a time when you’ll want to release products of your own. What better way to launch products from your blog than to launch them from the same site your blog is hosted on? If this is something you feel may be interested in doing at some point down the line, make sure the theme you choose supports WooCommerce.

Now, let’s switch gears and get into our list of the best WordPress themes for food blogs.

15 Best Food Blog WordPress Themes in 2019

Kale Pro

Kale Pro WordPress Theme

Kale Pro is one of the best premier food blog WordPress theme here at LyraThemes. It’s an elegant blogging theme that uses simple yet stunning styles and colors by default but allows you to customize these styles to your liking with built-in theme options.

Kale Pro is without a doubt one of our more advanced themes with the amount of features it offers. We’ve built these features directly into the theme itself to simplify things for food bloggers by keeping them from having to rely on too many third-party plugins.

This theme is best suited for food bloggers who publish their own recipes.

Key Features

  • Built-In Recipe Cards – Showcase your recipes in blog posts with well-designed recipe cards. Each card showcases details on the recipe’s prep and cook times, number of servings, difficulty, ingredients, and steps to make. They also come with a shortcode builder that allows you to insert cards int posts with ease. Lastly, they’re compliant with Google’s guidelines on structured data, making them optimized for SEO.
  • Recipe Index – Once you create multiple recipes and categorize them, use Kale Pro’s built-in recipe index template to showcase them in beautiful grid layouts.
  • Built-In Ad Support – Monetize your blog with AdSense and links for affiliate and sponsored products using Kale Pro’s built-in ad widget.
  • Banner/Slider Options – Showcase featured content and recipes on the homepage with a banner or sleek slider. The slider has various options you can use to changes its content and appearance.
  • Multiple Blog Feed Displays – Control the way your posts appear in blog feeds. You can have them showcase excerpts, full posts or a variation of the two.
  • Various Blog Feed Sections – Homepage layout has sections for you to showcase posts in a slider, a row of featured posts, a spot for highlighted posts, recent posts and more.
  • Email Marketing Integration – Built-in email opt-in forms for MailChimp.
  • Support for Instagram – Built-in Instagram widget for displaying your Instagram feed.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Social sharing buttons powered by Jetpack and styled by LyraThemes.
  • Fixed Menu – Optional sticky navigation menu.

Kale Pro Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Kale Pro is available for a one-time fee of $35. All features are included in that price, and you can receive ongoing support and updates with a $7.99 monthly subscription. Your first month is free.

Support is available via a ticket system, and we also offer an extensive knowledge base to guide you through the setup process.

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Elara Pro

Elara Pro WordPress Theme

Another one of LyraThemes’ food blog WordPress themes, Elara Pro uses a more vibrant style across the entire site, though you can still customize it with theme options if need be.

Elara Pro offers a lot of the same food blog-centric features Kale Pro offers while setting itself apart with a few new features. As such, this is another theme best suited for food bloggers who create their own recipes.

Key Features

  • Recipe Cards – Elara Pro’s recipe card uses a similar layout in a slightly different style. All technical features, including the shortcode builder and structured data, are the same.
  • Recipe Indexes – Add recipe indexes to your site with the built-in recipe index template, but allow users to browse it more efficiently with filter options.
  • Shop This Post Feature – This is a great option for affiliate marketers. The Shop This Post feature inserts a carousel at the bottom of your post, which you can fill with affiliate links for products you use in the recipe.
  • Built-In Promo Boxes – As another feature for affiliate marketers, promo boxes allow you to insert visual promotions for affiliate products on your homepage or sidebar.
  • Ad Support – Along with promo boxes and the Shop This Post feature, this theme also includes spaces for ads.
  • Banner/Slider – Promote your best content and recipes with a banner or slider at the top of the homepage.
  • Blog Feed Sections – Showcase featured, highlighted and recent content in various sections on the homepage.
  • Marketing Integration – Several features are built in, including MailChimp subscription forms, the Instagram feed widget and the social sharing buttons.

Elara Pro Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Elara Pro is available for $35 with ongoing support and updates available through a monthly subscription of $7.99/month. Your first month is free.

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Cressida Pro

Cressida Pro WordPress Theme

Cressida Pro is a feminine blogging theme we offer here at LyraThemes. It uses a chic style and a beautiful homepage layout that allows you to showcase different types of content in multiple ways.

Like all of our themes, Cressida Pro is fully customizable, meaning you configure it to truly make it your own. However, its stunning design complements beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogs best.

Food blogs are included under that umbrella, and because this theme doesn’t have a built-in recipe card functionality, it’s a wonderful option for food bloggers who don’t publish their own recipes.

Key Features

  • Shop This Post Feature – This theme also includes a carousel for affiliate products.
  • Built-In Promo Boxes – Promote your own products and content or highlight affiliate links with the included promo box feature.
  • Built-In Widgets – Cressida Pro includes built-in widgets for affiliate links, image boxes and an About Me section.
  • Banner/Slider Options – Promote your best or most recent content with a frontpage banner or custom slider.
  • Blog Feed Sections – With places to showcase featured, highlighted and recent posts as well as the addition of several widgets, Cressida Pro uses a well-designed homepage layout.
  • Support for Instagram – Built-in widget for your Instagram feed.
  • Email Marketing Integration – Built-In MailChimp forms.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Jetpack-powered social sharing buttons.

Cressida Pro Shop This Post

Pricing & Support

Cressida Pro is available for a one-time fee of $35, and your first month of support is free. Support is available for $7.99/month after that.

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Juliet Pro

Juliet Pro WordPress Theme

Juliet Pro is another feminine blogging theme we offer. This one uses a more vibrant style than Cressida while also featuring a simpler homepage layout.

Like Cressida, Juliet Pro is customizable but works best when used to build lifestyle, beauty or fashion blogs, which includes food blogs.

Key Features

  • Lookbook/Index Template – Create lookbooks or collections of posts using categories and Juliet Pro’s built-in index page template.
  • Built-In Ads – Use AdSense or promote affiliate products.
  • WooCommerce Integration – Turn your blog into a fully-fledged business by selling your own products with a complete integration with WooCommerce.
  • Multiple Skins – Choose from two included styles, both stunning but unique in their own ways.
  • Multiple Header Options – Choose from two header layouts while also using a main navigation menu (can be sticky) in addition to an off-canvas sidebar menu that can be hidden or shown with a click.
  • Slider – Multiple slider options allow you to customize the way you showcase your best posts.
  • Support for Instagram – An Instagram carousel for the sidebar allows you to promote your latest posts on your site.
  • Video Support – Includes support for YouTube and Vimeo videos in sliders.
  • Additional Widgets – Widgets for MailChimp forms and an About Me section included.

Juliet Pro Lookbook

Pricing & Support

Juliet Pro is available for a one-time fee of $35 with ongoing support and updates available for $7.99/month. Your first month is free.

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Ariel Pro

Ariel Pro WordPress Theme

Ariel Pro is another one of our blogging themes. This one uses a simpler design than the rest, but it’s just as stunning.

It’s best suited for simple lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogs, which, yet again, includes food blogs.

Key Features

  • WooCommerce Integration – Start your own online store with included support for WooCommerce.
  • Built-In Widgets – Add MailChimp forms and your Instagram feed to your site via built-in widgets.
  • Multiple Header Options – Choose your own header and menu layouts.
  • Multiple Slider Options – Use an auto-generated slider for your posts or add your own slides.
  • Multiple Blog Feed Formats – Choose how much of your posts appear in blog feeds.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Add social sharing to your site with Jetpack-powered social sharing buttons styled by us.
  • Author Boxes – Credit authors with our very own built-in author box.
  • Blog Feed Sections – Showcase your content in multiple ways on the homepage.

Ariel Pro Product Page

Pricing & Support

Ariel Pro is available for a one-time fee of $35 with ongoing support and updates available for $7.99/month. Your first month is free.

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Sprout and Spoon

Sprout and Spoon WordPress Theme

Sprout and Spoon is a food blog WordPress theme by SoloPine. It uses a simple yet elegant design.

It offers a few features designed specifically for food blogs, making it suitable for publishing recipes.

Key Features

  • Recipe Cards – Built-in recipe cards optimized for SEO.
  • Recipe Indexes – Flexible recipe index options.
  • Instagram Feed – Integrated widget that places your Instagram feed in the footer.
  • Promo Boxes – Built-in widget for promo boxes.
  • Built-In Widgets – Additional widgets for ads, an About Me section and more.
  • Multiple Layouts – Choose how you showcase your content with multiple blog and post layouts to choose from.
  • Email Marketing Integration – Built-in MailChimp widget with customizable forms.
  • Fixed Menu – Sticky navigation menu available.

Sprout and Spoon Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Sprout and Spoon is available for $49. This price includes lifetime updates and six months of support. You can extend support for a fraction of the cost.

Ticket support is available, and you can use the developer’s knowledge base if you get stuck.

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Neptune WordPress Theme

Neptune is a fully-fledged food blog WordPress theme by Osetin. It uses a packed homepage layout and a vibrant, colorful style.

While the previous themes on this list are versatile enough to cover an assortment of topics in the food, lifestyle and beauty categories of blogging, Neptune is best suited for food blogs that have a complete focus on publishing recipes.

Key Features

  • Recipe Cards – Recipe cards are optimized for SEO. Readers can also add the number of servings they need and have the amounts for each ingredient update automatically. You can also add nutrition information.
  • Recipe Indexes – Add collections of recipes with recipe indexes.
  • Multiple Layouts – This theme includes multiple layouts for recipe and recipe index pages.
  • Interactive Recipes – “Cook-mode” and an integrated timer available on recipe pages.
  • Community Features – Readers can rate and review recipes, submit their own recipes, post in forums, and earn badges and achievements.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Built-in social share buttons.
  • Ad Integration – Monetize the casual traffic your site receives with support for spots to insert ads.
  • Social Media Integration – Widgets for your Instagram feed and social media profiles available for the footer.
  • Support for WooCommerce – Add an online store to your blog with a seamless integration with WooCommerce.

Neptune Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Neptune is available for $69, a price that includes lifetime updates and six months of support. Extended support is available at a discount.

Support is offered via a ticket system.

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Boiler WordPress

Boiler WordPress Theme

Boiler is another food blog WordPress theme by Osetin. This one uses slightly different styles and a magazine layout.

While there’s more room in this one for non-recipe related posts, this theme’s design may still not be feminine or simple enough for some food bloggers.

Key Features

  • Recipe Cards – Well-designed, SEO-optimized recipe cards with included serving size calculator and fields for nutrition information.
  • Multiple Layouts – Multiple recipe page layouts.
  • Interactive Recipes – Cook-mode and integrated timer on recipe pages.
  • Community Features – Same community features as Neptune.
  • Support for Ads –  Monetize your content with ad inserts in your blog’s sidebar.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Social sharing buttons inserted in multiple locations on blog posts.
  • Instagram Integration – Support for Instagram feed in footer.
  • Email Marketing Integration – MailChimp subscription form widget included.

Boiler Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Boiler’s single site license costs $69 and includes lifetime updates and six months of support. Ongoing support is offered at a discount.

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Good Food

Good Food WordPress Theme

Good Food is a food blog WordPress theme by CMSMasters, a developer of a collection of niche WordPress themes. Its food blog theme uses a well-designed homepage layout and an elegant style. You can choose from two homepage layouts.

The theme has enough of a mix of recipe and blogging-related features to be used by many different types of blogs in the food, lifestyle, fashion and beauty genres of blogging.

Key Features

  • Recipe Cards – Recipe cards are optimized for SEO and include fields for nutrition information.
  • Recipe Indexes – Multiple recipe shortcodes for displaying recipes on index pages.
  • WooCommerce Integration – Add an online store to your site.
  • Event Calendar – Built-in event calendar functionality.
  • Page Builder – Built-in page builder gives you the ability to build custom page designs.
  • Multiple Blog Post Layouts – Choose a separate design for each post you publish with multiple blog post layouts.
  • Form Integration – Custom contact form included.
  • Social Media Integration – Built-in widgets for social media links.

Good Food Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Good Food costs $59 with lifetime updates and six months of support included. Additional support is available at a discount.

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Lahanna WordPress Theme

Lahanna is a food blog WordPress theme by Pixelwars. It comes with three homepage demos, each of which uses a feminine design.

Lahanna is another versatile theme that combines food blog features with blogging features. This makes it a fantastic option for food bloggers who publish a mix of recipe and non-recipe posts.

Key Features

  • Recipe Cards – Recipe cards include interactive steps and ingredients and are optimized for SEO.
  • Recipe Indexes – Recipe index templates are included with filter options available.
  • Fields for Nutrition Information – Sidebar widget for nutrifiction facts included.
  • Interactive Recipes – Pop-up timer functionality included.
  • Reading Mode – Included fullscreen mode that removes all content apart from the recipe.
  • Slider Integration – Choose between posts or a slider at the top of the homepage.
  • WooCommerce Integration – WooCommerce functionalities gives the option of launching an online store from your blog.
  • Multiple Blog Feed Layouts – Choose how your Blog page showcases your latest posts with a variety in blog feed layouts.
  • Email Marketing Integration – MailChimp form widget integrated.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Social sharing buttons included at the bottom of every post.

Lahanna Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Lahanna is available for $69. This price includes updates forever and six months of support with additional support available at a discount.

Support is offered through forums on the developer’s website.

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Soledad WordPress Theme

Soledad is a multipurpose blog and magazine theme by PenciDesign. It comes with dozens of homepage demos that can be configured into thousands of layouts.

This includes several food blog demos, which include recipe functionalities. There are also plenty of other blogging demos that would complement food blogs quite well.

Key Features

  • Recipe Cards – Included Pendi Recipes plugin allows you to create recipe cards optimized for SEO.
  • Recipe Indexes – Multiple recipe index layouts available.
  • Support for Ads – Support for Google AdSense included.
  • Social Media Support – Widgets included for multiple social media networks.
  • Support for WooCommerce – WooCommerce integration available for bloggers who want to sell their own products.
  • Versatile – One of the most customizable themes available for food blogs.
  • Email Marketing Integration – Support for MailChimp subscriptions forms included.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Simple social sharing buttons included at the bottom of every blog post.

Soledad Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Soledad is available for $59, and this price covers future updates and six months of support. Support can be extended at a fraction of the original price.

You can reach PenciDesign’s support team via its ticket support system.

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Spiced Blog

Spiced Blog WordPress Theme

Spiced Blog is a food blog theme by AxiomThemes. It comes with several homepage demos and uses a simple, slightly feminine style. As simple as the theme may be, it packs quite a punch in terms of the features it offers.

Many of this theme’s features are built for blogging, personal blogs to be exact. This makes it suitable for a variety of different blogging genres. Its food blogging features make it a particularly appropriate theme for food bloggers interested in showcasing recipes in their posts.

Key Features

  • Recipe Cards – Simple recipe cards optimized for SEO.
  • Featured Posts Slider – Homepage includes a slider you can use to showcase featured posts.
  • Community Features – Readers can save recipes as favorites.
  • Email Marketing Integration – Subscription form for MailChimp integrated as a widget.
  • Support for Instagram – Insert an Instagram feed at the bottom of your site.
  • Multiple Blog Post Layouts – Add variety to your blog by choosing a different layout for every blog post.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Social sharing buttons are inserted at the bottom of every post.

Spiced Blog Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Spiced Blog costs $45 and includes future updates and six months of support, which can be extended at a discount.

Support is offered via forums and a ticket system.

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Food and Cook

Food and Cook WordPress Theme

Food and Cook is a food blog WordPress theme by Dahz. It uses one of the simplest designs featured on this list but comes packed with plenty of powerful features.

Because of its simplicity, Food and Cook is versatile enough to be used by a variety of different bloggers who want to include recipes on their blogs.

Key Features

  • Recipe Cards – Recipe cards use a simple design and are optimized for SEO.
  • Recipe Indexes – Multiple recipe index templates included.
  • Community Features – Readers have the ability to rate and review recipes as well as submit their own.
  • Support for Ads – Ad spots include support for Google AdSense.
  • Multiple Layouts – Multiple layouts for your homepage, blog feed, recipe posts and more gives you plenty of variety.
  • WooCommerce Integration – WooCommerce support available for food bloggers with products of their own to sell.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Social sharing buttons inserted in multiple locations on blog posts.
  • Twitter Integration – Twitter stream available in the footer.

Food and Cook Recipe Card

Pricing & Support

Food and Cook is available for $49. Lifetime updates and six months of support are included. You can extend at a discount thereafter.

Support can be reached via the developer’s forums.

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Pluto WordPress Theme

Pluto is a personal blog WordPress theme by Osetin. It still uses a magazine layout with a modern style, though this one is far less food-centric than Osetin’s food blog themes.

Because Pluto’s focus isn’t centered around food, this may not be the best option for bloggers who publish recipes as these functionalities aren’t built into the theme.

Key Features

  • Review Features – Built-in review system allows you to create fully-fledged review posts.
  • Support for Ads – Multiple spots to insert ads included.
  • Fixed Menu – Customizable fixed sidebar menu. You can even configure it into a sticky top menu.
  • Community Features – Built-in user profiles and messaging available to your readers.
  • Reading Mode – Unique reading features, including a minimalist reading mode and a QR code icon the reader can use to quickly bring the article up on their mobile device.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Social sharing buttons included in multiple locations.
  • Versatile Design Options – Multiple styles and color schemes you can switch to with ease.

Pluto Reading Mode

Pricing & Support

Pluto is available for $69 and comes with lifetime updates and six months of support. Support can be extended at a discount.

Download Demo

The Voux

The Voux WordPress Theme

The Voux is a WordPress magazine theme by Fuel Themes. It has over a dozen homepage demos, each of which using a feminine or elegant style. This includes a demo for food blogs called Foodies.

While the Foodies demo uses a food-centric design, it doesn’t offer food-centric functionalities. This makes it a wonderful option for versatile bloggers, but it may be a poor choice for bloggers who want to share their own recipes.

Key Features

  • Affiliate Marketing Features – Included Shop the Post and shoppable image features allows you to integrate affiliate marketing strategies.
  • Support for Ads – Multiple places to insert ads built in.
  • Support for Video Marketing – Video monetization options included.
  • WooCommerce Integration – Build your own online store directly on your blog.
  • Multiple Layouts – Multiple header, menu and article layouts.
  • Social Sharing Integration – Floating, left-hand social sharing buttons are included on every post.
  • Author Boxes – Provide credit to your authors and introduce them to your audience with built-in author boxes.

The Voux Shop the Look

Pricing & Support

The Voux is available for $59. Future updates and six months of support are included, and you can extend support at a fraction of the cost.

Support is provided via a ticket system as well as a knowledge base, though the knowledge base content is a little too thin for self-servicing purposes.

Download Demo

How to Choose Between Food Blog WordPress Themes

There are a lot of amazing options on this list, and it can be hard to decide on a single one. This is especially true when many of them offer similar features and price points. Start by determining the type of food blog you’d like to build.

For example, if you create your own recipes, you’re going to want to choose a theme that offers integrated recipe cards and recipe index templates with styles and functionalities that meet your needs. Furthermore, if there’s a lot of variety in the recipes you’ll be publishing, you may want to choose a theme that offers complex index templates with filters.

If your blog will be publishing posts that don’t feature recipes, you may want to steer clear of food blog WordPress themes that are too centered around recipes as their homepage layouts may not reflect the type of content you create.

Elara Pro Blog Post

Speaking of which, style, layouts and customization options are important as well. Go through each theme’s demo thoroughly to determine if its overall style (look at all of the demos it offers as well) appeals to you and if the homepage, header, blog page, etc. layouts and color/font options can help you customize it to your liking.

Lastly, make sure the theme’s starting price and price for ongoing support align with your budget. You should also make sure they offer the support options you prefer as some of the developers with themes featured on this list only offer support via public forums.

Why LyraThemes

All of the themes on this list from us here at LyraThemes are suitable for food blogs. While they don’t all offer the same set of features, you’ll find recipe cards, recipe index templates, ad and affiliate marketing features, social media functionalities, and plenty of customization options.

We also offer fair prices, ticket support and a detailed knowledge base you can use to guide yourself through common issues. If you’d like to see what else we offer, browse our theme collection.

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